Work Rate, Work Rate

Post work super food:
Microwaved sweet potato and raw red bell pepper.
Man, oh man. Lots of PR’s during “Fran” today. That’s what I like to see!!! High five to all those that beat their previous times and also to those who completed “Fran” for the first time.
It was awesome to watch Christian and Stephanie do “Fran” today. It was really inspirational to watch them work so hard and also very cute to see them help each other out during the workout. Way to work guys!
Also give a big welcome back to Christian, who just happens to be one of the PR’s today. Not bad for someone who has been stuck on a ship out at sea for the past four months. Just goes to show that if you want to be fit, its a matter of desire. Christian is put in an environment where it would be very easy to come up with excuses not to work out, but he says “no way Jose” comes back to HeyDay and PR’s in “Fran” on his first day back. Get Some.
1min intervals on the rower
** Your score will be total meters rowed.
** Rest as needed between sets.
** Only use a Barbell if you are able to do the 53lb kettle bell or 50lb Dumbell.

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